Summertime Salad Prep

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Summertime Salad Prep

Salads don’t have to be boring! Keep your lunch packed with flavor and health during those busy weeks with this super simple Summertime Salad Prep tips.

I love salads, and I love variety.  That is why when tossing together my lunches on the go I go crazy with the ingredients.   Having a bunch of different ingredients washed, chopped up and ready to go, not only adds the variety I crave, but also makes staying healthy easy during a busy week.

Simply spend a little time on the weekend meal prepping.  Chop up veggies, cook meats, anything else you can do ahead of time so that as the week goes you can toss together some healthy meals in a matter of minutes.

To ensure variety along with a rainbow of nutrients grab 1-3 ingredients from each of the following categories…

4 cups of salad greens.  Choose from…

Romaine lettuce Spinach Belgium endive Purple cabbage
Radicchio Green Leaf lettuce Arugula Escarole
Iceberg lettuce Curly endive Cabbage Red leaf lettuce
Red Cabbage Basil Cilantro Parsley

Toss in ½ cup each of your favorite toppings…

Diced tomatoes Bell peppers Carrots Cucumber slices
Broccoli Green onions Cauliflower Radishes
Corn Roasted Sweet Potato Edamame Microgreens
Celery Fennel Green Beans Jicama
Kolrabi Leeks Mushrooms Onions
Parsnips Peppers Snow Peas Sprouts
Squash Zucchini Water chestnuts Watercress
Avocados Oranges slices Dried fruit Apples, diced
Grapes Peaches Pomegranate Mango


Add a little protein (3 oz.)…Drizzle with your favorite dressing

Cooked Chicken Cooked Shrimp Fish Hard-boiled Eggs*
Cheese/Nut Cheese* Pecans* Sunflower Seeds* Walnuts*
Sesame Seeds* Cashews* Flaxseed* Pine nuts*
Pumpkin seeds* Brazil nuts* Pistachios* Almonds*


Feel free to get creative an add any ingredients you have on hand and your summertime salad prep will never be boring again!

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