Kitchen Essentials

Having a well stocked kitchen makes tossing meals together in minutes a snap!  Here's a look at what I keep on hand... 

Kitchen Essentials In the cupboard ...

Balsamic vinegar
Basmati rice
Beef stock/broth
Black beans, canned
Black olives
Chicken stock/broth
Coconut oil
Corn, canned 

Kidney beans, canned

Pinto beans, canned
Pinto beans, dried
Garbanzo beans, canned
Navy beans, canned
Olive oil
Peanut oil
Polenta (Grits) 
Rice, short or medium grain 

Tomatoes, canned
Tomato paste
Tomato sauce
Tuna, canned 
Vegetable stock/broth
Whole grain pasta

Seasonings & Spices ...

Black pepper
Basil, dried
Cayenne pepper
Chili powder
Chipotle powder
Cumin (ground) 

Garlic powder
Dehydrated onion 
Dried cilantro 
Dried parsley
Italian herbs, dried
Kosher salt

Lemon pepper
Onion powder
Sea salt
Smoked paprika
Smoked salt
Sweet paprika 
Veggie pepper 

Kitchen Essentials In the fridge...

Apple cider vinegar

Dijon Mustard
Green olives 
Greek yogurt

Kalamata olives
Sriracha Sauce 

Kitchen Essentials In the fridge...

2 qt. sauce pan
4 qt. sauce pan
Box grater (various grates) 
Cutting board, meat only 
Cutting board, everything else

Gallon size freezer bags

Jam size mason jars
Knives, varied by preference 
Large skillet 
Medium skillet
Measuring cups (1/4 up to 5 cups) 
Pint Mason jars

Pint size freezer bags
Potato peeler 
Quart size freezer bags 
Sharpie Markers 
Stock pots, various sizes

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